It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ...

It's the worst of times here at The site has crashed and the backup arrangements haven't done what they are supposed to do.  We'll be back soon with over 2,000 articles about Microsoft Office ... a lot of it things Microsoft doesn't like to talk about.

For the moment, we can only ask for your patience ...

Our online store and ebooks are not affected by these troubles.


✓ Office 2013:the real startup guide 

✓  Office for iPad:The Complete Guide 

✓  Privacy and Security in Microsoft Office 

✓ Office 2010:the real startup guide 

WINDOWS:   ✓ Windows 8.1 for Microsoft Office users 

OUTLOOK: Organizing Outlook Email 

✓  Clever Outlook Contacts 

✓  Effective Outlook Calendars 

WORD:  Eye-Catching Signs with Word

✓  Formatting Magic with Word 

✓  Creative Certificates with Word 

✓  Valentines Day with Word