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Excel CONVERT measurement list

A full list of the measurements and multiplier prefixes available for Excel's CONVERT function.

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by Office for Mere Mortals

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View this page on the new web site - click here

This is a table of the abbreviations used in the Excel CONVERT() function. The basic units inbuilt to the function are all listed plus some of the common measures available using the Multiplier prefixes.

Measure Formula Abbrev. (case sensitive) Inbuilt / Multiplier


Angstrom "ang" Inbuilt
Foot "ft" Inbuilt
Inch "in" Inbuilt
Meter "m" Inbuilt
Statute mile "mi" Inbuilt
Nautical mile "Nmi" Inbuilt
Pica "pica" Inbuilt
Yard "yd" Inbuilt
Kilometre "km" Multiplier
Millimetre "mm" Multiplier
Centimetre "cm" Multiplier

Weight / Mass

Gram "g" Inbuilt
Kilogram "kg" Multiplier
Milligram "mg" Multiplier
Pound mass (avoirdupois) "lbm" Inbuilt
Ounce mass (avoirdupois) "ozm" Inbuilt
Slug "sg" Inbuilt
U (atomic mass unit) "u" Inbuilt


Degree Celsius "C" (or "cel") Inbuilt
Degree Fahrenheit "F" (or "fah") Inbuilt
Kelvin "K" (or "kel") Inbuilt


Day "day" Inbuilt
Hour "hr" Inbuilt
Minute "mn" Inbuilt
Second "sec" Inbuilt
Year "yr" Inbuilt


BTU "BTU" (or "btu") Inbuilt
Foot-pound "flb" Inbuilt

Liquid Measure

Cup "cup" Inbuilt
Gallon "gal" Inbuilt
Liter "l" (or "lt") Inbuilt
Milliliter "ml" Multiplier
Fluid ounce "oz" Inbuilt
U.S. pint "pt" (or "us_pt") Inbuilt
Quart "qt" Inbuilt
Tablespoon "tbs" Inbuilt
Teaspoon "tsp" Inbuilt
U.K. pint "uk_pt" Inbuilt


Gauss "ga" Inbuilt
Tesla "T" Inbuilt


Horsepower "HP" (or "h") Inbuilt
Watt "W" (or "w") Inbuilt


Prefix these to some abbreviations to make other measurement units. For example 'k' for kilo plus 'g' for gram = 'kg' for kilogram.  The more commonly used ones are in bold.

exa 1.00E+18 "E"
peta 1.00E+15 "P"
tera 1.00E+12 "T"
giga 1.00E+09 "G"
mega 1.00E+06 "M"
kilo 1.00E+03 "k"
hecto 1.00E+02 "h"
dekao 1.00E+01 "e"
deci 1.00E-01 "d"
centi 1.00E-02 "c"
milli 1.00E-03 "m"
micro 1.00E-06 "u"
nano 1.00E-09 "n"
pico 1.00E-12 "p"
femto 1.00E-15 "f"
atto 1.00E-18 "a"

Article posted: Sunday, 27 November 2011

View this page on the new web site - click here

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