What is an interrobang and how to use it in Microsoft Word.

Interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark – a combination of a question mark and exclamation mark. In Word, interrobang looks like this:

Word interrobang examples image from Interrobang at

(Interrobang in some common Word fonts: Calibri, Cambria, Arial Unicode MS & Lucida Sans Unicode.)

In the sixties, the interrobang was quite the thing in advertising agencies looking for something that would catch the eye and take up less space in ads.

These days we’d normally use the question mark (interro) and exclamation (bang) separately. You can take your pick between:

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You can add interrobang to documents via Insert Symbol:

Word interrobang insert symbol image from Interrobang at

If you use it regularly, create a keyboard shortcut or an autocorrect entry.

Other sources for interrobang

Microsoft’s Wingdings 2 font has three versions of interrobang in characters 93, 94 and 95.

On HTML pages you can insert it with the code ‽

Spelling omission

The word Interrobang is in several dictionaries, including and is used in Word itself in the Insert Symbol dialog (see above).

Yet interrobang isn’t in the Word 2010 supplied dictionary for English US, UK or Australia?

So there’s another word for Microsoft to add to Word 2013!