Scanning from within Microsoft Word

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Can you scan a picture or document directly into Word?

Back in the day, you could click a button in Word to scan a document or image and drop it into a document. Can you still do that?

Alas no. Microsoft dropped its imaging services within Windows and so Word lost the scan button.

The traditional and official way to get a scan into Word is by scanning the image, saving to disk then inserting that image file (JPG. TIF etc.) into the document.

That works fine but there’s a faster way that skips the intermediate step.

Some scanning software will let you copy the scanned image directly into the clipboard. Then you can simply paste into any document, email, worksheet or slide with no need to save a file first.

Ed Hamrick’s excellent VueScan has a copy to clipboard option (Edit | Copy) which works from a preview or full scan. Other scanning software might have a similar feature, check the documentation.

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