Skype gets free group calls

Group calling returns to the Skype ‘free’ list.

Good news for Skype lovers, group calling has returned to the list of free features.

You can now add group calling to our list of Skype hidden extras

Group calling is having three or more people on the same video/audio call. Microsoft tried making that a paid ‘premium’ feature only but has now relented and it’s back on the free list.

Windows, Mac and Xbox One users can group call for free from now on. Microsoft is promising that free group calling will be made available on other platforms ‘in the future’.

In theory you can have up to 25 people on a single group audio call and 10 on a video group call but in practice that would take up too much bandwidth and processor power for most. Better to limit calls to 5 people on video calls.

But there’s still Skype’s embarrassing and glaringly missing feature outstanding.