50 first dates with Excel

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Excel isn’t just for budgets and number crunching, you can use it for making lists and even organizing your love life!

Lisa used Excel to find her True Love.   She listed all her dates in Excel with details somewhat like this…

Excel, combined with some personal rules. eventually led her to that special someone.

Hear Lisa’s story at the start of this excellent Planet Money podcast from NPR in the USA.

Using Excel for lists isn’t that strange because the program has features not easily available in other parts of Office.


Excel lists can be quickly sorted by almost any column.

Sure, you can do a similar thing with Word tables but Excel is a lot more poweful.


As a list gets longer, you can make it manageable by filtering to see only some results.  Like only the 2017 dates in the order they occurred.

Save the Excel worksheet to OneDrive or Dropbox and you can update the data from a portable device with Excel for Android or Apple iOS e.g. on the way home from the date.


What do you use Excel for?  Let us know your interesting Excel uses and stories.

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