Yet another color selector

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Google has a color selector among the many features in their home page.

What was once a simple web search now has a lot of tricks, including a way to select a color and read the various computer values.

Search for ‘Color picker’ or then move the two circles to choose the exact color and shade you want.

yet another color selector 12153 - Yet another color selector

The HTML and RGB color codes are shown at left.

The RGB value can be used in any Office color selector on the Custom tab.  Enter the three numbers into the Red, Green, Blue boxes.

yet another color selector 12155 - Yet another color selector

As you can see, Office itself has a color selector but the Google one is larger with finer graduation.  There are many other color selectors, the Google version is available on almost any computer and free.

The CMYK value is handy if you’re getting the document professionally printed.

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