2019 Calendars in Microsoft Word

Word has four 2019 calendars in the File | New templates supplied by Microsoft.  Search for ‘2019 calendar’ in the File | New pane.

There are two 2019 calendar designs:

  • Yearly calendar on a single page
  • Monthly calendar (one page per month).

Each has two variants, depending on which day you consider the start of the week:

  • Monday
  • Sunday

Many more Word calendars

These are just the ones specific to 2019 from Microsoft.

There is an ‘any year’ Word calendar template which makes a calendar document for any year you specify.

A web search will find many other calendar templates.

The two from Microsoft direct are probably all you need.  They have the basic look (year to a page or month to a page) and can be quickly changed in design and text to suit you.

Changing the calendar

Each calendar template is just a Word document that you can, and probably should, change to suit yourself.

The main text elements have styles.  Right-click to choose Modify Style the change the font, size, color etc.


Add text in any cell of the month to a page calendar or change the date number.

Calendar gridlines

The calendar grid is a table, no surprise there.  Change the calendar gridlines from Table | Design | Borders, click on the icon at bottom right to open the full Borders and Shading dialog.

Change the pictures

The graphics in the yearly calendar can be selected, deleted or changed.

It’s a bit cleverer in the monthly calendar.  The side graphics are anchored in the footer even though they show up on the sides.

Click in the Footer to reveal the graphics and the anchor point inside the footer. Opening the Selection Pane (Layout | Arrange | Selection Pane) makes it easier to select each graphic.


There’s a Notes section at the bottom of each page in the month to a page 2019 calendar. The title ‘Notes’ uses Heading 1 style so each one appears in the Navigation Pane.


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