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Microsoft’s mail service moves Office Watch to Junk Email.  Here’s how to stop it doing that.

The same advice applies to other newsletters and emails that are wrongly marked as Spam / Junk Email.  The famous UK newsletter, Popbitch, is treated the same way.

Spam filters aren’t perfect

No spam filter is perfect, they detect ‘false positives’ where legitimate emails are wrongly marked as spam. Why this happens is a topic for another time, it’s enough to know that not all messages you want to see will actually reach your Inbox.

The most obvious spam are deleted without you seeing them at all.  When the spam filter sees a message it’s not sure about (ie “maybe spam, maybe not”) it can put the message in a Junk Email or Spam folder.

You should check that folder for missing messages before complaining about an unsent email.

In many cases, the Junk Email folder is only online and NOT in Outlook for Windows/Mac mistake

If you’re looking for a missing message in check the Junk Email folder online or in Outlook software for Windows/Mac.

Go to in your browser and login to your account.  Find the Junk Email folder and check out the contents.

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17229 - Saving Office Watch from keeps suspected Spam in the Junk Email folder for about 10 days, maybe longer.  There’s a notice about the exact count when you open one of the Junk Email messages:

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17217 - Saving Office Watch from

Fixing the Junk Email mistake

There are three ways to mark the message as OK or ‘not spam’.

The fastest is to right click on the message and choose ‘Mark as not junk’

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17218 - Saving Office Watch from

That will only move the message to your Inbox.

Alternatively, open one of the Junk Email messages and you’ll see an alert bar.  Click on “It’s not spam” and the message moves to the Inbox.

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17219 - Saving Office Watch from

Or, select multiple messages using the check boxes then either right-click to choose ‘Mark as not spam’ or use the Not Junk button on the top menu.

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17220 - Saving Office Watch from

These actions are ‘one off’ only and only affect the selected messages, not future messages.

Outlook software for Windows/Mac

It’s much the same in Outlook software that’s linked to an account.

Go to the Junk Email folder, find the wanted message, right click and choose ‘Not Junk’.

saving office watch from outlook com microsoft outlook 17221 - Saving Office Watch from

Future Messages

This only works for messages already in the Junk Email folder.

It does NOT change how will treat future messages from Office Watch, Popbitch or some other sender you like.  They’ll still be considered possible Spam/Junk Email.

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