2023 Calendars in your PowerPoint slides

There are 2023 calendar templates available for PowerPoint, giving you landscape oriented calendars but less options overall.

Landscape calendars

PowerPoint calendars aren’t just for presentations.  They offer printable landscape orientation calendars not usually available in Word or Excel.

Look for the overall layout you want, the change the images and colors to suit. Just like Word calendar or Excel calendars, ignore the labels like ‘Succulents’, ‘Floral’ etc. 

In PowerPoint go to File | New to see the calendar templates available, search for ‘calendar’.

Sunday start vs Monday

Most of the templates have Sunday start of week with no choice to change that to Monday.

Annual Calendar with sticky notes

This is an interesting calendar with options to circle dates and add text notes.  That’s great but the template is all but useless with a big limitation.

To fully edit this template go to View | Master where you can change the red ovals (Freeform) and the Text Boxes (Text Placeholder).  Open the Selection pane to more easily select slide elements.

This template doesn’t change for the year, each month starts with the 1st on Sunday! Unlike Word/Excel templates which change the dates according to the year.

Left image vs right picture aka Succulents vs Botanicals

There are two monthly calendars called ‘Succulents’ and ‘Botanicals’ but should really be called ‘Left picture’ and ‘Right picture’

Replace the supplied image with anything you like, right-click on the image then Change Picture.

Two other ‘side’ image calendars are ‘All-year photo’ and ‘Small business calendar’.

Monthly with background image – aka Floral

The so-called ‘Floral’ monthly calendar is really a large monthly calendar with a different background image on each slide.

Right-click and choose Change Picture.  Drag the new image so it fills the slide.  All the usual Picture controls are available, perhaps most useful is Picture Transparency to fade the image background.


It’s a similar story with the ‘Seasons quarterly calendar’, change the background image to suit you.

There are four slides, one for each northern season.  Our friends in the southern hemisphere will have to do more rearranging.

Sadly, this calendar, like most PowerPoint calendars, only has a Sunday start option.

Could do better …

The PowerPoint calendar options are disappointing compared to the Word and Excel templates.  There are no options to choose a year to display.

At the very least, Microsoft could offer two version of each calendar, adding a Monday week start version.

The alternative is to make calendars in Excel or Word then copy to a PowerPoint slide.

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