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Here’s where you can send us feedback or comments.

Before filling out the form, here’s some common questions answered:

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  • Change of Address / Subscription questions tackled here.
  • Ebook questions.  Fill in the form below. Victor will reply as soon as he can. Please include details of your problem (name, email address used, payment reference etc) so Victor can investigate properly before replying.
  • We do NOT accept guest posts, sponsored or paid content.  Due to the large number of requests of this type, we no longer decline individually and all requests are ignored (i.e. don’t bother).

Please add details

Please include DETAILS with your message.

Keep in mind … we can’t see what you’re seeing!
What’s happening to you, might not be the same as others.

  • If commenting on an article – which exact one? — a link to the web page is best.
  • If it’s a ‘broken link’ … where is the link (an email or web page)?
  • What Office software and version (365, 2021, 2019 etc) Windows, Mac, iPad etc.? We often get messages asking (sometimes demanding) help but forget to say which program!
  • For purchase enquiries details like exact email address used with purchase, payment reference etc will help Victor find your order and help quickly.

Your Privacy

Ever since we started in 1996, all Office Watch reader feedback has been treated confidentially, your name will NOT be published. We respect your privacy and never give your details away to anyone else.