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Real-Time Excel - get live stock prices, currency rates and more

Put the latest stock prices, indexes, exchange rates even weather details automatically into Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

“A practical guide to automatically updating Office with online information with step-by-step instructions, working sample documents and tips from people who’ve used Office for over 20 years.”

Boost your spreadsheets in whole new ways.

In-depth with the Stock data type for Excel 365 (Windows, Mac, Online, iPhone, iPad and Android) which easily adds global stock, fund and bonds prices plus company data right into your worksheets. Also currency exchange rates.

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Put the latest stock prices, global stock indexes, currency exchange rates, Bitcoin even weather details automatically into Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Real Time Excel boosts your spreadsheets in whole new ways.

  • Stock prices and indexes from exchanges around the globe
  • Latest ‘real-time’ and past stock price data.
  • Funds and Bonds
  • Global Currency Exchange Rates
  • Excel 365 for Windows and Mac aka Excel with Microsoft 365 subscription.
  • Excel 2019 and 2016 for Windows
  • 25 sample Excel workbooks and documents, ready to use, included with full explanation in the text.
  • Over 257 pages plus workbook and doc examples
  • 4th edition
  • Full Color
  • Fast find, table of contents with links
  • PDF format compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple and Android tablets and pretty much anything else including, of course, iPads!
  • Money Back Guarantee — try Real Time Excel, if you don’t like it, return for a full refund.

There’s no need to retype details from a web site or (shock!) a newspaper when Office can do the job in the blink of an eye.

Real-Time Excel shows how to get ‘live’ or real-time data automatically into your Office documents.

  • Stock Prices, fund values, indexes etc.
    • Latest ‘real-time’ prices
    • Historical price data
    • Global exchanges in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia and elsewhere
  • Stock Indexes (NASDAQ, Dow Jones etc).
  • Funds
  • Bonds
  • Currency Exchange Rates
    • in Excel 365 and earlier versions of Excel.
  • Bitcoin and other virtual currencies
  • Geographical information and statistics.
  • Weather

Getting those details into Excel, Word and PowerPoint is possible and now easier than before.

Stock prices direct

Includes the new Stock data type for Office 365 subscribers (Excel 365 Windows or Mac) which easily adds global stock, fund and bond prices and company data right into your worksheets.

A whole chapter on the new Linked data types, how they work, the practical details to handle and a look ‘under the hood’ at how it works.

Currency Exchange Rates

Get the latest global currency exchange rates into Excel 365 for Windows or Mac plus Excel 2019 or 2016 for Windows.

Excel 365 for Windows/Mac has great exchange rate support. Real Time Excel has all the details with workbooks and code to get the most from the forex feature.

Use the exchange rate info to make a table of rates for your next trip. Adjust the Microsoft-supplied rates (for big banks) to prices you’ll likely get from ATM’s, credit/debit cards and cash.

Ready to Use

Not only do we show you how to do it, we’ll give you the worksheet, document and presentation files.  Open them up and start right away.

Excel power

In recent years, Microsoft has made great improvements to Office around data importing.  A lot of this has been obscured by changed branding (‘Power Query’ is now ‘Get and Transform’) and the marketing geek speak that the company loves so much.

Real-Time Excel blows past all the marketing nonsense, acronyms and tech speak to show how new features can work for individuals and small businesses.

We’ll show how to use the most common data exchange formats used by public web sites:

  • XML
  • JSON
  • CSV (comma delimited)
  • Web pages (‘scraping’)
  • Live updates in Google Sheets and link it into Excel automatically.

You can use the same techniques to grab information from other sources and sites.

Uniquely, we’ll also give you the sample documents used to make this book.  Open them up in Office and tweak to suit your needs.

Beyond the basics

Real-Time Excel is a practical book using real data feeds that you can use today – most of them are free.

There are tips on the practicalities of getting live data streams like viewing the ‘raw’ data, getting API keys, security options and Internet privacy.

Word and PowerPoint too

We’ll show how to drop fresh information into Word documents or PowerPoint slides.

Yes, there are example Word and PowerPoint documents included so you can see for yourself how it’s done.

Some of the tricks we’ll show you aren’t the usual method that Microsoft demonstrates.  We tell you what works best.

Easier and faster

If you thought that importing data was too hard or have VBA code to make it happen, check out Real-Time Excel.  Chances are that Microsoft has caught up with your needs with a simpler and faster solution of Power Query/Get & Transform.

The ‘bottom line’, as they say, is this:  you now have a lot more powerful, yet easier, options for getting data from other sources, arranging it and adding to Excel. From there you can work with the data in a standard worksheet, PivotTable, PivotChart etc.  The data links can be ‘one-off’ imports or automatically updateable.

We’ll show you how to do it, step-by-step, so you can make your own connections to similar data that best suits your needs.

Money Back Guarantee

Try Real Time Excel today, if you don’t like it, return for a full refund.


  • Excel 365 for Windows with Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Excel 2019, 2016 & 2013 for Windows.
    • We’ve not forgotten about the Macintosh but Microsoft hasn’t added the necessary features to Office 2019 or 2016 for Mac <sigh>
  • Introduction
  • Easier and faster
  • Stock prices right now and the past
  • Word and PowerPoint
  • Sample Worksheets and documents
  • Make your own data feed
  • Ebook power
  • About the author
  • Table of Contents

Real Time Excel

  • Data Explorer begat PowerQuery begat Get & Transform
  • PowerQuery or Get & Transform?
  • What is a data feed?
  • Formats
  • Web pages
  • Refreshing
  • Security
  • Secure it
  • Testing a data feed
  • About the example files

Linked Data Types

  • Getting Started
  • Data Card
  • Refresh and auto refresh
  • Time field conversion
  • Metric conversion
  • Cross-platform support including workarounds for limitations in the Excel Mobile apps.
  • Currency symbol formatting for different currencies
  • Exchange rates / stock price conversion
  • Making web links
  • Reporting Bad Data
  • Under the Hood
  • The Future

Stock Prices and more

  • Finding a source
  • Disclaimers
  • Stock Data Type
  • Google Finance

Stock Indexes

Historical Stock Data

  • Preview of StockHistory() in Excel 365
  • Data from a folder
  • Adding more information
  • Data Sources

Currency Exchange Rates

  • Excel 365 direct support
  • Sources
  • Get External Data
  • Power Query
  • Lookup a rate
  • Using in your spreadsheets
  • Get a single value

Bitcoin and beyond

  • Excel 365 direct support
  • CoinDesk
  • Other Crypto Currency feeds


  • Power Query limitation
  • Setup Weather link
  • Adding Query
  • Formatting and conversion

Word: Adding live data

  • Link single cells
  • Updating
  • Under the hood
  • About the example files

PowerPoint: Adding Live data

  • Excel data source
  • PowerPoint
  • Change Excel Formatting
  • One with the lot
  • Updating

Make your own data feed

  • Web Tables
  • XML from Excel


  • Ebook power
  • Get the Examples
  • Your Office Watch e-books
  • Feedback
  • How we made this e-book
  • Revision History
  • Credits
  • Copyright Notice