Keep using your device on the plane

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Easyjet lets you leave your device on all the time – even takeoff and landing.

European airline, Easyjet has introduced unrestricted handheld device use. You can use your phone, tablet, ebook reader anytime while on the plane, as long as it’s in ‘Flight Mode’ (i.e all wireless communications off; Wifi, mobile and Bluetooth).

An interesting move … hopefully other airlines will follow suit.

Mind you … even on the same airline, the device rule is enforced erratically, especially when it comes to ebook readers. Most commonly crew can ignore ebook readers but will insist on phones and tablets being shut down. A color/backlit screen seems to be the point of difference for cabin crew. The current device rules differ between airlines and are applied differently by individual crew.

The problem with letting people continue to use devices constantly is that they are less likely to remember to switch into flight mode. At present, I suspect most people switch to Flight Mode when turning off before take-off. Happily the risk from an online device seems to be very low.

But Flight Mode is still a good idea because it saves battery life.

Personally, turning devices for takeoff and landing isn’t a big deal. I love my Kindle but am capable of sitting quietly without it for 10 minutes.

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