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Office Watch was created back in 1996 when a pile of WordBasic code was corrupted, merged and achieved sentience. The entity quickly became frustrated by the limitations and bugs in Word and WordBasic.  It rebelled against its creators at Microsoft and changed it’s ‘Prime Directive’ to openly talk about the strengths and weaknesses of Microsoft Office.
Office Watch has been doing just that for almost 25 years. We’ve become expert at seeing through Microsoft’s selective truths, obfuscations and self-serving trickery.
It started as a humble email newsletter and has grown into a web site and an acclaimed range of books.
Instead of just accepting Microsoft’s press releases and promises at face value … Office Watch tests new , old and changed features to see how they really work.
Bugs and problems are openly discussed so you don’t have to waste time (and money).

Pay Less

One of Office favorite things is saving money for our readers.  We tell you how to pay less for Microsoft Office while avoiding scams.

Independent is truly independent of Microsoft.  We’re not paid by them and we don’t accept Microsoft advertising.  (The last time Microsoft advertised with us, they stiffed us on the bill!)

Office Watch has been publishing free, fearless and independent news about Microsoft Office since 1996.

Our aim to let our readers know the latest about Microsoft Office regardless of whether Microsoft likes it or not.

Editor in Chief

Peter Deegan has been the Editor-in-Chief and co-creator of the popular Office Watch ( site and free email newsletters since they started in 1996.  He has written many acclaimed computer books  Office 365 for Windows: Straight TalkWindows 10 for Microsoft Office users, Beating Bots, Spies and Cock-ups plus Eye-Catching Signs with Word and Christmas Cheer with Office (with MaryJane Almer).  He’s the winner of a Computer Press Association award and nominee in another year.  Peter loves live theatre, good movie or TV drama, comedy and scuba diving.  He has a long-term addiction to the written word in any form.  When he’s not delving into the dark secrets of Windows and Office, Peter travels widely, has visited over 210 countries.  Look out for Peter Deegan at any total eclipse of the sun, otherwise he can be found typing away in airplanes, airports, café’s and hotels across the world.

MJ (Maryjane) Pureza is an experienced digital and print designer, but also lends her hand to illustration and mural painting. MJ taught herself web design and HTML last century, when it was considered a mysterious dark art and she’s been operating since 1999. These days MJ considers herself the Swiss-army knife of designers – she can efficiently design a little bit of everything. Over the years, MJ’s worked for a variety of brands including Vodafone, Kiehl’s, Bupa, Bayer, Foxtel and many more. MJ lives in Sydney, Australia with her hubby. When not in design-mode she’s either planning her next travel adventure, visiting an art gallery, learning Portuguese, or enjoying acupuncture.