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Automatic sorting of PivotTables in Excel

You still want to explore more Excel PivotTable sorting, there are some additional options like Click More options button on the Sort dialog box.

The More Sort Options dialog box appears for your Sorting list of the Pivot Table. Let’s see what these additional features can do for you:

  • As the name suggests ‘AutoSort’ automatically sorts your PivotTable, whenever you update it.
    Simple, you can also uncheck the box if you don’t want them sorted each time you update the fields.  You might choose that if it’s a large PivotTable that takes too long to resort each time.
  • You can only use the First Key Sort Order, when the ‘AutoSort’ check box is not selected. This feature allows you to choose the custom order you want to use. Excel has provided months, days. You can also create your custom order if you are not happy with the formats.

Note:  The custom list sort order does not apply when you keep updating the data in your Pivot table.

  • Using the Sort By, you can sort the values. Either you can sort by opting the Grand Total or Values.

Note: This option is disabled when you choose Manual sorting.

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