Outlook 2003 won't quit

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We try to uncover why Outlook 2003 won’t quit for some users and why the icon remains in the System Tray.

In a previous article, Office Watch reader BT told us about his problems getting Outlook 2003 to quit. BT clicked the “X” in the upper right corner, he clicked File | Exit, he did everything but throw Outlook into the fires of Mordor, but Outlook 2003 kept on ticking and ticking and ticking… with its icon present in the System Tray, down near the Windows clock. Here’s what he had to say:

“Hey Woody. Having a hell of a time getting Outlook 2003 to quit. It keeps itself alive in the system tray and you cannot quit the program without restarting the computer and NOT launching Outlook 2003. Don’t know if you’ve come across this or not, but nothing I can do fixes it. I also do not have Active Sync running, as some have suggested that causes this problem. This is a real problem if you check e-mail from the road. It’s annoying as heck when you travel and Outlook is checking messages for you, so you don’t think any have come in and lo and behold, you have 30 unopened messages on the main computer. I could turn off automatic message checking when I leave, but that is a real pain too.”

Ends up that many of you have the same problem. It’s a particularly devilish problem because Outlook doesn’t let go of its PST file – so if you try to run a backup while Outlook’s still going, the backup program can’t do its job. (Thanks to all of you who suggested BT save messages on the server to retrieve them while he’s traveling. I know it works – I’ve done it myself – but it doesn’t solve the problem!)

Office Watch readers L and KM and MD and a dozen others fingered WinFax Pro as the likely culprit, and it sounds like that’s the source of this problem. WinFax Pro Version 10.02 doesn’t work with Outlook 2003. WinFax Pro 10.03 is supposed to.

Details here.

KM writes, “I disabled the integration of the two products. Then both products run rather like speed demons. I now love Outlook all over again and am glad for the upgrade.”

RB also writes, “I noticed Outlook hangs when I have an IPAQ on the cradle. As soon as I remove it from the cradle Outlook quits. I use ActiveSync 3.7.1”

I think – think! – that will solve most readers’ problems with Outlook 2003 hanging.

By the way, I’ve also heard rumblings that Outlook 2003 with Exchange Server 2003 and Norton Anti-Virus are having problems co-habiting. There are also problems with NAV bumping up against Outlook COM add-ins. In both cases, the only apparent solution is to disable NAV scanning of incoming Outlook 2003 messages. Will keep you posted.


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