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Intelore has a series of recovery tools for Word, Excel, Access and Outlook plus Project and Outlook Express.

There are plenty of tools out there to unlock a password protected document including the long-time Office Watch supporter but it’s always nice to see new players in a software market.

Intelore has a series of recovery tools for Word, Excel, Access and Outlook plus Project and Outlook Express.

Some passwords can be recovered quickly because they are not that well stored but for Word and Excel it can take some time as the recovery program goes through the millions of possible combinations.

Password recovery is a touchy subject with some people who think its main purpose is to spy on others. While it’s true such tools can be applied to nefarious purposes, they are mostly used by the document’s original owner. Either the author has forgotten the password or has left the company leaving documents behind that cannot be opened.

Our advice regards most security devices is that it stops “honest” people from accessing things that they shouldn’t. Those who are serious about computer security don’t rely solely on password-protecting documents, and other measures need to be taken to prevent unauthorized access.


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