ActiveX Controls and Access

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Q:  Bradley Wellard writes:  “I am still a bit of a novice and have been attempting to find some useful information on how to apply/use ActiveX controls in Access with little success. I am particularly interested in any information regarding the Microsoft ImageCombo Box control V.6.  Are you aware of any sites and or publications which may hold some information/examples. That would assist me.”

A:  ActiveX controls don’t always work well (or at all) on Access forms.  The last time I wrote about this topic was for the release of Office 2000, and things haven’t changed since then, except indirectly (Office XP introduced a native FileDialog control, which eliminates the need to use the cranky CommonDialog ActiveX control).  My article on the MOD (Microsoft Office Developer) edition of Office 2000 has a section on ActiveX controls, which may be helpful.

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