Office 2010: the real startup guide

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Things you should know that Microsoft won’t tell you: saving money, installing, configuring and using Office 2010.

We’re delighted to announce the latest in our series of popular ebooks for Microsoft Office users.

Office 2010: the real startup guide

Things you should know that Microsoft won’t tell you: saving money, installing, configuring and using Office 2010

You’ve been hearing about it for some time but Office 2010 is now a reality. It’s available for MSDN subscribers and organizations with volume licenses. Retail boxes will be available on 15 June 2010.

This is a comprehensive guide to buying, preparing, installing and configuring Office 2010. We’ll help you properly prepare for installing Office 2010. After all it’s probably the most used piece of software on your computer, aside from Windows itself – so it’s worth getting right.

We’ll give you information that Microsoft doesn’t provide ‘up front’ so that you can make a properly informed installation.

Office 2010: the real startup guide applies to all versions of Office 2010 including

  • Home and Student edition
  • Home and Business edition
  • Professional edition
  • Standard edition
  • Professional Plus edition.

We also explain the difference between all those different names J.

Save Money

We have many tips for cheaper options for buying Office 2010 for less than retail.  You can obey that old saying:

” Never pay retail “

There are many ways to buying the same Microsoft Office software.  Prices vary a lot and it’s easy to pay too much for Office 2010.

We also have detailed advice on the computer hardware that’s best to run Office 2010, far more information than Microsoft’s brief and understated system requirements.

There’s also special advice and tips for netbook users.


Microsoft likes to push the line that installing their software is simple and easy. For the most part it is easy, but there are things that you should do to make the process easier so your computing is more stable and efficient.

Netbooks and some laptops don’t have a DVD drive – we show how you can install Microsoft Office from a DVD disk without an optical drive on the computer.

Microsoft’s Product Activation helps them prevent software piracy and usually works fine for customers. has been closely watching Office Product Activation since it was first tested and we know there can be problems where legitimate purchasers are prevented from using the software they paid for.  We show you how to avoid activation problems and plead your case to Microsoft.

64-Bit Office 2010

We have special coverage on installing and using 64-bit Office 2010.


What Microsoft wants isn’t necessarily what you need.  Microsoft chooses the original settings based on what they think people want and, occasionally, some marketing agenda. 

The ribbon interface can now be easily changed in Office 2010 – we show you how.

The Quick Access Toolbar can also be loaded up with your most commonly used commands – we have step-by-step instructions.

Using Office 2010

We look in-depth at some of the new and changed Office 2010 features including the new ‘Backstage’, Excel Sparklines and Slicers plus updates to Solver and Conditional Formatting.


  • Office 2010

    • Home and Student
    • Home and Business
    • Professional
    • Standard
    • Professional Plus

  • Word 2010
  • Excel 2010
  • PowerPoint 2010
  • Outlook 2010
  • OneNote 2010

Office 2010: the real startup guide costs only us$16.95, as usual subscribers get a discount and pay only $9.95 – click here.

Similar prices are available in Canadian dollars, UK Sterling, Euro and Australian dollars.

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