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Outlook 2010 - Save As Picture

A long desired feature finally appears in Outlook 2010.

Sometimes it’s not the ‘headline’ features in new software that really appeal – it’s the small changes that make a big difference.

The downside of these innovations is that you wonder why Microsoft took so long to make a simple change.

For years people have wanted a way to save an image embedded (as opposed to attached) in an email. Office Watch has covered the workarounds for many years.

Lo and behold, Outlook 2010 finally has a fix. Right-click on an image in an email, there’s a new option available, Save As Picture …

Outlook 2010 - Save as Picture image from Outlook 2010 - Save As Picture at

Save As Picture … lets you save to any Windows folder and in a range of image formats – JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP. JPG or TIFF are the best for photos.

It’s great to finally see this in Outlook but you have to wonder why Microsoft took so long. Saving an embedded image has been on the customer wish list for at least a decade.

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