Save Time When Creating Databases

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A reader offers this great tip to save time when creating new databases.

Chuck Roberts writes with a suggestion that saves time when creating a new database:

I frequently make new databases. So I created a blank database with a template form, a template report, and all my standard subroutines. When I need a new database, I simply do a copy and paste from Explorer, then rename the copy. Tables vary in layout so much I don’t have a template table.

On my template reports, I put the current date in the left side of the page footer, the report object name in the middle (so I can change it or fix it if needed) and the page number in the right corner. This way, all my reports come out looking the same.

This is a good (and simple) way of saving time when you create a new database.  For even more automation in setting up a new database, I have an add-in that creates a standard menu for a database, with drop-down lists of forms and reports for user selection.  This add-in can be downloaded from the Code Samples page of my Web site ( as Code Sample #11 (Access 97 version) or Code Sample #12 (Access 2000 version).

Several readers wrote to mention that it is a good idea to turn SetWarnings back on after turning it off, at least if you want warnings to appear normally.  This can be done with the line

DoCmd.SetWarnings True

placed after your action queries or other confirmation-provoking lines of code have run.

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