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A clever, compact alternative to regular business cards.

We’ve become quite attached to Squiz Cards, a small and clever alternative to standard business cards.

Mary-Jane Almer co-author of some Office Watch ebooks put us on to Squiz cards. They are 2 2/8” x 1 2/8” (53mm x 28mm), less than half the size of standard cards. They come with a glossy finish which is water-proof and looks good.

They are great for personal or occasional use, for example instead of writing your contact details on a stray piece of paper. With a good design they are eye-catching and become a talking point in themselves.

The keyring dispenser is very convenient and may be free with your first order.

There are ready-made templates available for you to add text or you can make your own Squiz Cards using a personal image. The online editor is fairly comprehensive or you can make the entire design offline and upload a single JPG with image and text complete.

Our tips:

  • Use your own artwork, maybe use a travel photo as Peter did with his photo from Easter Island

    Rano-Raraku-on-Easter-Island.jpg image from Squiz Cards at Office-Watch.com

  • Something with a feature image plus empty space for text.
  • It’s best if the image covers the entire background – don’t rely on the image background exactly matching a default card background (it probably won’t).
  • Note the FAQ comments about uploading high quality images and ‘bleed’ margin. http://support.squizcards.com/home?page=2
  • As always, with online ordering of custom items – check and recheck everything before committing your design to purchase.

50 single-sided cards cost US$17.95 including postage with the per-unit price dropping for larger orders. There are prices in Sterling, New Zealand and Aussie dollars. Squiz will ship worldwide.

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