Microsoft buys Yammer for Office

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Microsoft scoops up Yammer for inclusion in a future Office.

The social networking for business site has been bought by Microsoft for $1.2billion dollars allowing inclusion of the product in a future release of Office and Sharepoint,

Yammer was started in 2008 and is promoted as “The First and Most Powerful Enterprise Social Network”. In other words it’s a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Wikis and the existing Microsoft Sharepoint all targeted to work within an organization.

It’s part of the Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) market that includes, NewsGator, Socialtext, Tibbr and Jive Software as well as the collaboration efforts from the usual suspects, IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

Yammer will become part of Microsoft’s Office division meaning it’s medium term future will be as part of Sharepoint and inevitably Office itself. In the meantime and its estimated 5 million business users will continue to use the stand-alone site.

The purchase is almost certainly too late for any inclusion in the upcoming Office 2013. There might be some passing mentions or links but little else.

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