Is your Internet grass greener?

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Is your net access better or worse, cheap or costly compared to other countries?

BBC Online has an interesting – though hardly scientific – look at Internet access around the world.

Think you’ve got it bad — try a ‘gold’ package with just 4GB for £75 a month (US$119) in the Falkland Islands or the DR Congo where you get ‘limited’ service for $600 a month.

You don’t have to live in remote or war-torn places to get bad Internet.  Gloucestershire, UK is hardly a remote or exotic location but Karl Price reports getting only 0.7 Mbps speed.

Maybe Karl should move to Finland.  Finns not only have fast and cheap Internet access  but the government has made Internet access of at least 1Mbps a legal right.   All that in Finland, plus great sauna!

Not mentioned in the BBC article is the ridiculous situation in Australia.  A national fibre-to-home program is already being rolled out to homes across the country – but the new government will stop that and implement a slower system instead. You read that right — while the world is moving to faster Internet, in Australia the government is going slower.   Apparently ‘down under’ this Internet thing is just a passing fad.


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