A Westeros dictionary for Word

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To save you a lot of red squigglies when writing about Game of Thrones

Office-Watch.com talked about the spell-check options in Word and how to turn them off to suit George R. R. Martin’s dislike of red squiggly lines.

Another option is to have a specialist dictionary of terms that apply to that project or subject.

Some professions (medical, engineering, physics etc.) have a lot of special terminology not in regular dictionaries. In Microsoft Word you can add extra dictionaries when necessary.

The Westeros dictionary

This is a modest example of how a specialist dictionary can work using words from the Games of Thrones books:

Download Westeros.dic a small file of mostly proper names, place names and names of characters.

Once installed in Word, a document like this:

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Westeros%20DIC%201.png image from A Westeros dictionary for Word at Office-Watch.com

will look like this

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Westeros%20DIC%202.png image from A Westeros dictionary for Word at Office-Watch.com

Sure, not much practical use. We did it as a bit of fun and example of what’s possible in Word.  You might find it useful if you’re a GoT fan and write emails etc. about it.

In custom dictionaries, any words with a capital letter will enforce that capitalization when spell-checking. For example if the dictionary has an entry ‘Westeros’ then ‘Westeros’ in the document will be OK but lower-case ‘westeros’ will get a red squiggly line.

But multiple words aren’t supported so a term like “Vaes Dothrak” can’t be added so that the entire two-word term is acceptable but each of the words alone gets a spell warning.

A few notes:

  • Obviously, the Game of Thrones books, TV series etc. are copyright.
  • We’ve not gone into the vocabulary of created languages like Dothraki and High Valyrian.
  • The dictionary list isn’t comprehensive,

How to use Westeros.dic

In Microsoft Word, go to Options | Proofing | Custom Dictionaries:

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Westeros%20DIC%203.png image from A Westeros dictionary for Word at Office-Watch.com

Then click Add and point to the westeros.dic file:

http://img.office-watch.com/ow/Westeros%20DIC%204.png image from A Westeros dictionary for Word at Office-Watch.com

It will show up on the dictionary list as shown. Click OK twice to return to your document.

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