Changing the font size on datasheet subforms

Back in Access 2003, you could easily change the font name and size for a datasheet form by clicking the square in the upper-left corner of the datasheet (in datasheet view), and selecting the font and size from the selectors on the Formatting toolbar, or by selecting Font from the Format menu. But these features are no longer available in Access 2010. However, this does not mean that you can’t change the font or size on a specific datasheet form – Access still has a way to do this, but it is hidden.

To change the font and size of a datasheet form in Access 2010 or 2013, you have to use code on the Load event of the form. If you look at the IntelliSense selections for the Me keyword, starting with “Datasheet”, you will see more than a dozen selections for altering the appearance of the text displayed in the datasheet. With this code, for example, you can get a truly eye-searing look for your datasheet, for that 1980’s “Wow, my computer can do color!” look:

Private Sub Form_Load()

On Error Resume Next

Me.DatasheetBackColor = vbYellow

Me.DatasheetFontName = “Calibri”

Me.DatasheetFontItalic = True

Me.DatasheetAlternateBackColor = vbRed

Me.DatasheetFontHeight = 14

Me.DatasheetFontWeight = 2000


End Sub


Readers Respond

Lee Kupersmith wrote to say that he could change the font size of datasheet form controls in Design view, and the size carried over to Form view.

This definitely doesn’t work for me (I checked again to make sure), so there must be some difference – possibly this is another feature not supported in 64-bit Windows or Office.

I would be interested to know if readers are able to change datasheet form font size in Design view, and see the changed font size in Form view. Let me know which version of Office you are running, and whether you have 32-bit or 64-bit Windows and Office.

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