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Microsoft Office - what's the latest update?

A list of Microsoft Office versions and their latest Service Packs.

If you don’t have Office 2013, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here’s a list of the latest service packs for each version of Microsoft Office going back more than a decade.

For the recent versions of Office, at least Office 2007 and later, you can use Microsoft/Windows Update in the Windows Control Panel to download and install the latest updates and security patches.

Office 2013

Service Pack 1 32-bit download64-bit download

Office 2010

Service Pack 2 32-bit download –  64-bit download

Office 2007

Service Pack 3 download

Office 2003

Service Pack 3 download

Office 2003 will not be supported after April 2014 so SP3 is the last Service Pack.

Office XP (2002)

Service Pack 3 download

You may need to update the Windows Installer before using the Service Pack. There’s links to the updates on the download page given above.

There will be no more Service Packs or updates for Office XP.

Office 2000

Only Office 2000 Service Release 1 (Office 2000 SR1) is updated with Office 2000 Service Pack 3 download

Make sure you have Office 2000 SR1 (use Help | About to check) before applying the SP3 patch. It’s very likely you’ll have SR1 already even if you don’t realize it! If not, apply the Office 2000 Service Release 1a (SR1a) Update before moving onto the later Service Packs.

There will be no more Service Packs or updates for Office 2000.

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