Mobile device limit for Office 365 Home

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An Office 365 Home package now allows five tablet app installs – though you’d not know it.

A change to Office 365 Home subscription allowances was made with the release of Office for iPad.

Until recently, a Office 365 Home package was limited to 5 mobile devices.  Each mobile app was counted against a 5 install limit, similar to the separate 5 install limit that applies to Office for Windows or Mac.

With the arrival of Office for iPad, that has changed though that’s not made clear to customers.

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An Office 365 Home rental package (aka ‘subscription’) has been changed to allow FIVE tablets to have the Office for iPad apps installed.  Family members can use one of the tablet allowance to install the Office for iPad apps.

Office 365 University is limited to TWO tablets.  The Office 365 Personal package will allow ONE tablet.

The count is done by the number of tablets that have at least one Office for iPad app installed … not the number of apps. 

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Problem is .. Microsoft has made this change to the terms but not updated the account pages for Office 365 customers. image from Mobile device limit for Office 365 Home at

Under ‘Mobile Devices’ there’s just a pull-down list which takes you to links for the various mobile apps.  No mention of the tablet install limit, let alone a count of how many tablets have had Office for iPad apps activated.

Most likely, Microsoft made the change but hasn’t yet upgraded the account pages to show the tablet count.  Eventually the account page will catch up with the rules.

Office Mobile apps (for iPhone and Android) is in addition to the announced change of the Office Mobile apps to free home use.


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