Office 2001 for Mac – May 2014 update

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What’s in the latest Office 2011 for Max update?

In late May, Microsoft quietly released an update for Office 2011 for Mac taking it to version 14.4.2.

If this was Office for Windows, it would be called a ‘Service Pack’ but somehow, not Office for Mac.

Update Secrecy

One thing that is the same of Office for Windows is Microsoft’s secrecy about updates. This is the entire detail released by Microsoft about the update:

This update provides the latest fixes for Office for Mac 2011. These include the following:

  • Improves activation in Office for Mac 2011
    This update fixes an issue in which product activation is always required after you restart a computer that uses an Apple Fusion Drive. After you install this update, product activation may be requested one more time.

  • Improves functionality in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011
    This update fixes an issue that causes theUndobutton to become unavailable when you save a PowerPoint presentation to a local drive.

  • Improves functionality in PowerPoint for Mac 2011
    This update fixes an issue that causes inserted link data for YouTube videos to be lost after you save the presentation.

Which ‘latest fixes’ are included is something that Microsoft isn’t telling. There’s no mention of the update including a rollup of security patches, we can only assume and hope that’s the case.

If you have been waiting for a fix to a particular Office 2011 bug, you’ll have to test and find out if Microsoft has done anything about it.

Most Mac users will get the update via AutoUpdate, if not go here and download the update.

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