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Office for iPad can print - sort of

Office for iPad apps get an update including printing … of a sort anyway.

Right at the end of April 2014, we have the first update to the Office for iPad apps. The main change is printing support … well Airprint support anyway.

Airprint is Apple’s proprietary printing system which not all printers support. Only Airprint enabled printers can work with an iPad or iPhone. Even then the Airprint printer and the device have to be on the same Wifi network.

Apple has a list of supported printers.

So the update to Office for iPad is welcome but don’t get too carried away unless you have an Airprint printer on your network.

In Word for iPad there’s a printer button next to the Undo/Redo buttons IF you have an Airprint connected printer. image from Office for iPad can print - sort of at

You can choose to print with or without markup.

In Excel for iPad choose from printing a selection, single worksheet or whole spreadsheet. image from Office for iPad can print - sort of at

The quality of the printing depends, in part, on the font support in the Office for iPad apps. As we’ve noted before, the iPad doesn’t have the wide range of fonts that a Windows or Mac computer supports so some documents don’t look the same on the iPad. At least the Office apps display a clear warning about font incompatibility, something notably missing from Office for Windows or Mac.

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