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Office for iPad update April 2014

Some nice new tricks and a lot of secrets in the first update of Office for iPad.

Right at the end of April 2014, we have the first update to the Office for iPad apps to version 1.0.1. The main change is AirPrint support that we’ve covered separately and our popular ebook Office for iPad: the complete guide covers all the menus and features in the three apps.

Word for iPad

Aside from AirPrint support we’re only told there’s ‘Bug Fixes’ – two words.

Excel for iPad

The major change is support for AutoFit on the in-line toolbar. image from Office for iPad update April 2014 at

The other, unmentioned, change is the little handle on the column and row headings. Tap on that handle to resize the row/column. image from Office for iPad update April 2014 at

There were problems with ‘internal’ links within a workbook which Microsoft says are now fixed.

Aside from that they only have two words for customers “Bug Fixes”.

PowerPoint for iPad

The big thing here is SmartGuides. We really like SmartGuides which were new in PowerPoint 2013 and covered in detail in Office 2013: the real startup guide.

SmartGuides show guide lines as you move an object, like an image or shape, around a slide. If anything, they make even more sense on an iPad touch screen.

In this example, the red dotted lines show that the image is inline with the top of the text box and in the middle of the slide. image from Office for iPad update April 2014 at

Here, the image is still in the center but now shows as being the same gap between the top and bottom of the text boxes. Note the vertical arrow markers on left. image from Office for iPad update April 2014 at

We’re also told there’s “Improved support for secondary displays while presenting” but otherwise it’s those two words again “Bug Fixes”.

SECRET Bug Fixes

At the time of writing, there is no Knowledge Base article about the Office for iPad update, in fact no mention of the update at all. While Office for Windows/Mac updates have a somewhat cryptic list of previously secret bugs, at least there’s a list.

We asked Microsoft for a detailed list of the v1.0.1 update changes and fixes or an explanation of why that list won’t be made public. Not an unreasonable expectation of paying customers but we’re told:

“Microsoft has nothing further to share beyond the Office blog post at this time.”.  

So whatever other bugs or changes there are in Office for iPad is a Microsoft secret.  Nothing in the Knowledge Base, no details just a marketing blog post.

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