Office Online in Google Chrome

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A smart move by Microsoft, but not a big deal.

A clever move from Microsoft today, having their Office Online web sites added to the Google Chrome App Store.

That’s led to excited headlines like “Microsoft Office hits Google’s Chrome Web Store” which will please Microsoft.

Sure, you can now go to the Chrome App Store using these links Word Online,Excel Online PowerPoint OnlineandOneNote image from Office Online in Google Chrome at

Click on the ‘Free’ button at top right to install.

On your list of Chrome Apps (type in chrome://apps/ ) will appear some new apps image from Office Online in Google Chrome at

But they aren’t really apps, just links to web sites. That’s the case with too many of the ‘apps’ in the Chrome store.

Click on any of those icons and you’ll be taken directly to Microsoft’s Office Online web site. You’d get the same effect by adding a bookmark to Chrome directly … in fact that’s what we’ve done for some time. Of course, the four ‘apps’ are free since Office Online is free.

The Office Online ‘Apps’ are a nice touch and confirm that the Office Online services work in Chrome. However they aren’t a technological advance, just a marketing link.

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