and HeartBleed

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Just to reassure you … has no problem from the HeartBleed bug.

Our book store customers might be wondering if their online details are at risk from the Open SSL HeartBleed security gap.

Many web sites with SSL have been quickly patching their server software, but not all need to.

The online store is hosted on Microsoft Windows Server which uses a totally different SSL system to the Open SSL software. The only part of that uses SSL is the online store.

There’s no need for our customers to change their online passwords on our site … at least not because of HeartBleed.

We have always encouraged customers to update their password from the default password that’s uniquely created for each new account. To do that login to your account then go to the ‘Modify Personal Information’ link.

Part of our online security policy is to know as little as possible about our customers. Our online store does not store credit card information, that’s given directly to the payment gateway like Paypal. In most cases we only have the customer’s name, email addressed and encrypted password.

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