Outlook woes caused by most recent patches

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Outlook users might be having trouble, caused by one of the most recent security patches from Microsoft.

The November 2015 security patch referenced MS15-115 is supposed to stop attacks via fonts.

Unfortunately, the security fix seems to have broken Outlook’s ability to display HTML formatted emails.  Not for all users, but enough to raise many complaints in forums.

Microsoft, of course, is talking about it affecting ‘some’ customers.  Presumably their usual phrasing about a ‘small number’ of Office users will appear in due course.

There’s no hard information just a mix of reports, not all of which might be caused by the faulty patch.  It seems there’s a range of errors and even a ‘black screen’.

While Microsoft investigates their mistake and how to fix it, the best option if your Outlook breaks down is to remove the Windows update labelled  KB3097877 then reboot your computer.

If that’s not possible and you can start Outlook.  An untested possibility is to turn off HTML rendering from Trust Center | Email Security | Read all standard mail in plain text.

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