What’s happening to LiveLoop?

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LiveLoop was an interesting product. You could share a PowerPoint presentation via the web to any computer or phone. But not anymore.

We use the past tense because new customers aren’t being accepted and existing customers have until 24 April 2015 to retrieve any data from the system.  There’s nothing on the https://www.liveloop.com/ site to explain why.

What’s going on?

Microsoft has bought LiveLoop and promptly moved to shut it down. Redmond is making the usual noises about the LiveLoop developers joining the Microsoft development teams.

There’s no doubt that LiveLoop’s service would make a good fit in Microsoft’s new world of putting Office on all manner of devices.  But the quick and unexplained shut down does seem strange.

Maybe the explanation is in LiveLoop’s promotion.

“Share presentations and run online meetings without installing software.

That’s our underlining.  LiveLoop was a way to view PowerPoint presentations without any special software.  Microsoft doesn’t like the idea of being able to share or view Office documents without Microsoft software.   Maybe LiveLoop’s prompt shutdown has more to do with keeping things ‘in house’ at Microsoft.

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