Office Hub app on Windows 10

The ‘Get Office’ app for Windows 10 has received a considerable upgrade to make it more than a billboard to sell Office 365.

It’s now (or will be) an ‘Office hub’ for access to all things Office.  Recent documents, the programs themselves, Office 365 account settings plus help and training.

The improved ‘Get Office’ is available from the Microsoft Store and, it appears, only for those with Windows 10 Preview releases.  At some stage it will become available to all Windows 10 users.

It’s a considerable improvement on the current ‘Get Office’ app.

The new, improved ‘Get Office’ can still act as a shill for Microsoft, but has elements useful to customers.  The app isn’t just a set of links to web pages on the Microsoft site.  Instead it grabs details from your account and presents it within the app.


The main page has short versions of some things available elsewhere in the app.

The very latest Recent Documents and links to installed programs.  Both have ‘More ..’ buttons that take you to other parts of the app.

Just like the Microsoft Office web site, there’s a link to your MS account at top right.

My Account

A good summary of your Office 365 account, the options available and how to use them.

The expiry date for your Office 365 plan is clearly visible as well as how many Office installations are allowed and used.

The buttons are all links to various parts of the Microsoft web site.


A full list of all the Office related programs.  The obvious like Word and Excel to the obscure; Delve and Sway.

‘Open’ means the program is installed.  Click to start it.

If not available, an ‘Install’ button opens up a web page.


A more complete list of recent Office documents.

Unfortunately, this list lacks the options we’ve come to expect from a recent documents list.  No ‘pin’ option for regularly used documents.  No ‘remove from list’ option to reduce list clutter and protect your privacy. Hopefully, these essential features will be added before the public release.

Help and Training

Links to various parts of the Microsoft Office web site.


The About screen is interesting because it reveals that this app makes heavy use of Javascript and some of the amazing libraries that are available.

JQuery, JQuery UI and bxSlider are all acknowledged.  We hope that Microsoft has done more than just give a ‘tip of the hat’ to the people who created these tools.  Dip into Redmond petty cash and buy Steven Wanderski more than a few beers.

Under the hood

The new app is called OfficeHubWin32.exe and appears in the task list as Office Hub Application.

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