Remove Bing Maps prompts in Outlook

Exchange Server/Office 365 users of Outlook might see ‘Bing Maps’ links above messages, like this

They appear when Outlook detects a physical address in this message body (which it does with mixed success).  Click on the ‘Bing Maps’ link to open up a web page.

You might not like this link, so how to get rid of it?

Hunting around Outlook File | Options or File | Options | Add-ins won’t do you any good.  Where is it hiding?

Bing Maps is an Exchange Server add-in (not an Outlook add-in) so you need to go to your Exchange Server user account to make the change.

Do that from File | Info | Manage Addins or open up Outlook Web Access in your browser and go to Settings | Manage Apps.

Either way will take you to the Manage Apps page.

And there it is!  Select Bing Maps and then Disable from the right-hand pane.

In case you were wondering, we don’t know of a ‘Google Maps’ add-in.  You have to select the address, copy then paste into the search field of your favorite mapping service.