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The Creators update to Windows 10 is coming this weekWindows 10 for Microsoft Office users, Creators edition is ready now before Microsoft publicly releases the new Windows 10.

Past purchasers of Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users get a free update to the new edition.

Be ready for the major changes to Windows before it happens …

Be Prepared

According to Microsoft, the switch to Windows 10 Creators edition is simple.  Hopefully it will be easy for most people.  But some folks will have trouble and, at worst, end up losing documents, data and settings!

Our exclusive guide helps you prepare for Creators edition.  Take steps to reduce the risk of a bad update and protect against loss if the upgrade doesn’t go right.


Windows 10 Creators for MS Office cover 212x300 - Creators edition book - ready now!The entire book has been updated for the Creators edition changes.

Creators edition doesn’t have as many obvious changes as the 2016 Anniversary update.  The big changes are laying groundwork for Microsoft’s coming push into 3D technology and HoloLens.

There are some immediately useful things like:

  • Night Light
  • Dynamic Lock
  • Tile folders on the Start Menu
  • Windows Defender improvements

That’s just a few of the many tweaks and improvements in the Creators edition covered in the revised ebook.

With the new interest in hiding your browsing history from Internet providers (who can now sell your Internet history), we’ve revised and expanded the chapter on VPN  – Virtual Private Networking.  Not just the Windows VPN system but more powerful alternatives plus a guide to selecting a VPN service.

A practical guide the new, changed and unfamiliar in Windows 10.

There are more chapters on parts of Windows 10 useful to Microsoft Office users.  We go ‘in-depth’ into parts of Windows that get brief treatment elsewhere. The new edition has over 720 pages and 36 chapters covering topics like.

Wifi tricks, Mobile Hotspots, Metered Connections, Multiple Users, Microsoft Account security, Virtual Desktops, Remote Desktop Connections, Virtual Private Networking, Virtual Hard Drives, Repairing and Reset Windows.

Windows 10 Creators edition for Microsoft Office users includes the many changes in the November 2015, ‘Anniversary’ 2016 and ‘Creators’ 2017 releases of Windows 10.

Configure, suggestions for settings to change from the Microsoft defaults as well as useful software to add. A lot of Windows 10 is hidden away with invisible tricks and shortcut keys.  We’ll show you all the neat stuff that Microsoft has hidden from view.

Stuff you need to know, in depth and without the Microsoft hype.

We dig deep into familiar parts of Windows like Explorer, Libraries and Search because they have a lot more power than most of us realize. Windows 10 Creators edition for Microsoft Office users looks into all these unappreciated parts of Windows in detail.

Windows 10 Creators Edition for Microsoft Office users is now over 720 pages in full color.

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As an Office Watch customer you can buy now and save $7.00 today on Windows 10 Creators Edition for Microsoft Office users. Get it today for only US$12.95 (instead of $19.95) buy now.  Pricing also available in UK Sterling, Euro plus Canadian, Aussie and NZ dollars.

Free Update

The Creators update Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users is free to past purchasers of the book.  Go to your online account to download a complete replacement PDF.  Click on the download link for your original purchase to get the most recent version of the ebook.  If necessary, there’s a password reminder option on the login page.

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