Wunderlist is dead, long live To-Do (eventually)

The preview release of Microsoft To-Do begs the question – what about Wunderlist?  Wunderlist is a similar app which Microsoft bought only two years ago and continued to run.

Wunderlist is on the critical list with no hope for recovery.  Microsoft has announced that Wunderlist is going to ‘die’ when Microsoft To-Do has reached, if not maturity, at least it’s teenage stage.

Why the switch?

It seems Microsoft wanted to use Wunderlist as the base for a suite of cross-platform list apps.  That’s what they did with Accompli which Redmond bought and rebadged as the Microsoft Outlook apps.

There’s been a change of heart.  Microsoft now wants to start from scratch with their own set of apps which will plug directly into their cloud / Exchange Server storage system.

What to do?

If you’re happy with Wunderlist, keep using it for the moment.

No mention of any way to migrate Wunderlists into its replacement To-Do but presumably that will happen.  Without a migration feature, there’ll be a lot of unhappy people out there.

It’ll be a long and round-about road but eventually and hopefully, we’ll get a decent cross-platform To Do feature that’s integrated with the rest of Office.

Just don’t hold your breath.