Blackberry to provide more secure Microsoft Office apps

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Blackberry got a rare stock price boost when they announced a collaboration with Microsoft Office yesterday.

Blackberry will use their Dynamics product to provide a higher level of security and administration of the Microsoft Office mobile apps.

Blackberry Dynamics is a way for organizations to deploy trusted mobile apps to devices, administer them and track usage.

“Through this partnership, the companies have collaborated on a first-of-its-kind solution: BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE. This technology provides a highly-secure way for their joint customers – the world’s largest banks, healthcare providers, law firms, and central governments – to seamlessly use native Microsoft mobile apps from within BlackBerry Dynamics”

The current Office Mobile apps don’t provide the level of control and security that many companies need unless the organization has control of the entire device.

At the moment, this is just the announcement of a ‘strategic partnership’ not actual product. We’ll have to wait and see how this works in practice.

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