Home Use Program or getting Microsoft Office for $15

The cheapest legal way to get Microsoft Office is the Home Use Program (HUP).  It costs just $15 each for Office 2019 Windows or Mac. Like many Microsoft deals, it’s not as good as in the past, but it’s still cheap and worth considering.

Many people qualify for the Home Use Program and many don’t realise it.  Employees of many medium and large corporations, organizations, government departments and even military personnel.

The Home Use Program (HUP) is something that companies and organizations get when they buy Microsoft Office licences with ‘Software Assurance’.  Part of Software Assurance is allowing employees to buy the same Microsoft Office they use at work, to use at home as well.

What you need to qualify for the Home Use Program

  1. Be an employee in an organization which licences Microsoft Office with Software Assurance.
  2. That organization must enable the Home Use Program for its employees. This is the major hurdle.  Over the years we’ve heard many complaints about management being unwilling to make Home Use Program available.  Sometimes it’s just ignorance or lack of interest.  Other times there’s misunderstandings about the HUP that are excuses for not making it available.

Ask in your organization about the Home Use Program.  Is it available?   Could it become available?

Do I qualify for the Home Use Program?

Microsoft has made it a lot easier to check if you qualify for the Office Home Use Program.  Go to https://www.microsofthup.com/ and enter your work email address.

If you can’t get Office through the HUP and you think your company/organization/department should have it, check with your HR or IT departments.