Office 2011 for Mac won’t work on Mac Mojave

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Office 2011 for Mac is just one of many programs that won’t work at all on the upcoming MacOS release ‘Mojave’.

That’s not a surprise for anyone who follows Apple’s policy announcements.  Many years ago, Apple warned that they’d eventually stop supporting 32-bit programs with 64-bit applications becoming the required standard.

Among the programs that won’t work with MacOS Mojave are

  • Microsoft Word 2011
  • Microsoft Excel 2011
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2011
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011

Unlike Windows, which runs with a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit programs, Apple moved their MacOS to 64-bit some years ago.  All Apple developers have known for years that this was coming so it’s mostly old programs that out of support that’ll be affected.

Office 2011 for Mac ended it’s Microsoft support life in 2017 so there’s no chance Microsoft will update the programs.

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