Ignore the scare tactics, Office 2010 isn't ending

Ignore the scary headlines and threats about Office 2010 ‘ending’ early next month.  Things are nowhere near dire, desperate or urgent for Office 2010 users.

Office 2010 support (security patches, bug fixes and tech support) end on 13 October 2020.

That does NOT mean that the software will suddenly stop working or become an overnight security risk. 

Microsoft has upped the fear level by changing this Office 2010 to a red background.

Office 2010 users have plenty of time – say a few months – to keep using Office 2010 safely.  The security risk is gradual over time as there’s more and more unpatched security holes in Office 2020 after October 2020.

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“You have until 13 October 2020 to upgrade”

We’ve seen this and similar statements talking about the ‘end’ of Office 2010 — all nonsense.

You do NOT have to upgrade Office 2010 now or before 13 October because the software will keep working after that date. There’s no rush to upgrade. Take your time, get a good price and make sure your computer is enough to run modern Office (365 or 2019) smoothly.

Keep in mind that the shocking headlines and ‘end of the world’ Office 2010 stories are from people who either want to scare you, sell you something or both.

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