Solving Unlicensed Product errors in Microsoft Office

If Office for Windows shows Unlicensed Product errors, there’s a bewildering range of errors and prompts appearing. Here’s what to do, and in what order, to solve the problem.

Starting Office for Windows and you’re greeted with various warnings like this.

Subscription Expired may or may not be true.  This message seems to appear when Office software can’t verify your subscription status.

Additional Information is a reminder that the browser based versions of Office, aka Office Online are a workaround until you get Office for Windows working again.  Click ‘Learn More’ or just go to .

Your trial has expired

You might also see these options referring to an Office trial, even though your Office wasn’t a trial version.

Office: Your trial has expired?

If the software was not a trial version or you have a current Office 365 plan, ignore this dialog box.  Just close it from the  X  at top right and move on.

Account Error

Ignore all those messages if there’s a little yellow ! icon next to your account name on the top title bar.

Fix that problem first because it might solve all the other troubles.

Make sure the computer has a stable Internet connection then sign-in to your Microsoft account.  The ‘account error can be a changed password, long time since last login or an Internet connection issue.

After logging in, restart the Office program.  Office only checks for licencing status when one of the programs starts.

If the account warning icon has gone but both status bar warnings remain, look for another problem.

To find out more about licence problems go to File | Account  (Office Account in Outlook).

Or go to your Microsoft account at (or | My Account | Services & subscriptions) to check the Office 365 account status.

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