Amazon deal for Microsoft 365 Family

Only for a few hours, Amazon is running their Microsoft 365 Family plus gift card deal potentially saving $50 but there’s also traps to be aware of.

The offer is “Microsoft 365 Family 12-month subscription with Auto-Renewal + $50 Amazon Gift Card” our bold text.

Check out the deal at (no affiliate commission).

We highlighted ‘Auto-Renewal’ because it’s a trap we’ve warned our readers about before. New Microsoft 365 renewal traps from Amazon, Best Buy etc.. Take this deal and Amazon will renew Microsoft 365 in future years at full price (which is also what Microsoft does for direct purchases). You can cancel the auto-renewal after purchase and should. There are cheaper options to renew by buying Microsoft 365 for less and extending the existing plan. Six simple steps for saving on renewals or first purchase of Microsoft 365

The other little catches are with the gift card. Obviously, you have to buy other things from Amazon to get the card value. It’s delivered by mail even though the Microsoft 365 Family plan is done electronically. The exact terms are “Gift Card is affixed inside a mini envelope. Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date. The Gift Card you receive may not have the denomination displayed on the actual gift card.”

The offer is only available for a few hours. Be quick.

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