Great deal on Microsoft 365 in Canada

Thanks to reader, Pierre B. we can tell about a good deal on Microsoft 365 Personal or Family, now available from Amazon in Canada.

Microsoft 365 Personal cheaper

The usual price for Microsoft 365 Personal (12 month, one user) is CDN$79.99, but has it for CDN$48.99. Here’s the product link. (note, we don’t get an affiliate payment on Amazon links) please check the pricing hasn’t increased before buying.

The pricing is a little strange, there’s a $5.54 ‘delivery fee’ mentioned but we’re told that’s not applied to digital delivery.

Microsoft 365 Personal isn’t discounted as often as the Family (6 user) pack so this offer is worth considering to renew or extend an existing Microsoft 365 Personal account.

Microsoft 365 Family discount

Speaking of which, the offer for Microsoft 365 Family (6 user) isn’t too shabby either. CDN$78.99 is better than the usual $109.99 price. Here’s the product link. (again, we don’t get an affiliate payment on Amazon links), please check the pricing hasn’t changed before buying.

Again, the delivery fee should not apply to digital download option.

Use this price to extend your existing Microsoft 365 Family plan, no matter how many months it has to go.

English or French?

Ignore the selector for English or French version. Microsoft 365 users can choose whichever ‘primary’ language they want (i.e.. menus, ribbons etc) when they download the software. It’s not like the ‘olden days’ when the main language was fixed according to what CD/DVD you bought.

All Microsoft Office editions with English or French as main interface language will also include both English and French proofing tools (spelling. grammar etc). That includes the Canadian French and English variations.

Merci Beaucoup to Pierre for the ‘heads up’.

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