Locking Objects on a slide coming to PowerPoint

A much-wanted feature is coming to PowerPoint, the ability to lock an object into position so it can’t accidently be moved out of place.

Objects in a slide can too easily move out of place with an accidental tap of a mouse or finger.  The problem is even worse with collaborative presentations with many people ‘helping’ out.

Lockable objects include text boxes, shapes, icons, pictures, 3D models, connectors, digital ink and tables.

Right-click on any object and look for the Lock option under ‘Send to Back’

Once locked, the object is like a stubborn two-year old, it won’t move no matter what you do.

Locking only refers to positioning on the slide. The object can be deleted or cut/copy then pasted.  Formatting options are still available to recolor etc.

Unlock an object

Unlock the object by going back to the right-click menu and choose, wait for it <g>, ‘Unlock’.

Locking objects is available in Powerpoint for Windows, Insiders preview v 2104 build 13905.10000 and later.

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