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Two Microsoft 365 deals to get, while they last

Walmart’s $70 deal for 15-month of Microsoft 365 Family has gone but there are still two other offers available to extend or start a Microsoft 365 Family plan.

As often happens a very good offer for Microsoft 365 Family doesn’t last long before it’s replaced (using the same link) with a higher price.  If you see a good, legitimate, deal it’s best to take it and not delay.

Now Walmart’s link (no affiliate commission) shows  $99.99 price for 15-months, meaning you’re paying the full year price and getting three extra months.  Not bad but not great either.

Over at Costco they have the same 15-month Microsoft 365 Family plan for $10 less. (no affiliate commission)   $89.99 plus tax.

Thanks to Office Watchers including Michael D, Trevor K and Sally K for the pricing tips.

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