Better searching at

There are now over 5,000 articles at from over twenty years of keeping a close eye on Microsoft Office.  Now it’s easier to find what you need.

We’re delighted to say that we’ve improved the search / find features at

(all these improvements are possible thanks to WordPress Wizard Michael Oglesby )

Gone is the mysterious little icon, now there’s a clearer Search form near the top of each page.

There’s now a separate Search page with links to it in the top web menu and footer.

The major improvement is how results are displayed.  Type in a search and a scrollable list of results appear with heading, thumbnail and text with the search terms highlighted like this:

Click on a result to open that page.

At the bottom of that short results pane is a ‘More Results …’ link that opens a separate page with all the results listed.

Searches work like standard searches at Google or Bing, in other words it looks for all the words you specify. In nerd speak each term is separated by AND. Looking for “Word find” will find any articles with the terms “Word” AND “find”.

Putting a search in double-quotes will look for that combination of words for example “Dynamic Arrays” will find articles with those two words in that order only.

For you web smarties, we’ve kept the standard search link followed by search words separated with a + sign. For example