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Excel Formula Bot upgrades and goes pro

The wonderful Excel Formula Bot has a new look, more features and has gone ‘pro’ with paid subscriptions. The whole site has been revamped with a cleaner, clearer look.

Excel Formula Bot is certainly up-to-date, as you can see above, it already ‘knows’ about the new Image() function despite still in beta testing.

Please Explain

The Bot originally translated a sentence into an Excel formula like this with the Generate option.

Now it can work the other way with Explain – turn an Excel formula into a sentence.

It works for more complicated formulas, though it replaces table or cell labels (e.g. @[Date In] or DepartureDate ) with bland column references (e.g. Column B and C2).

Copy the long explain text elsewhere then break the explanation into lines for easier reading.

Paid plans

David Bressler has put a lot of time, money and skull sweat into so he deserves reward for his efforts. is free for five requests per month.  Paid plans are US$2.99 pcm or $24.99 for a year.

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